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Saints and Virgins: Who's who? (5/7)

In front of certain tympanums, statues, columns, capitals or stained glass windows of   Romanesque or Gothic churches, we are sometimes unable to identify the characters represented.
However, there are simple means for recognizing them:

Francisco de Zurbarn
Museum Fabre, Montpellier.

1: Who is this virgin and martyr whose two breasts were torn off with pliers?


Sometimes, her breasts are represented like two breads on a dish.

2: Why did this girl of noble family push back the advances of the Roman consul who was in love with her?

AShe was already married
BShe was in love with the son of a blacksmith
CShe had made a vow of chastity

He denounced her as a Christian woman, and she was condemned to be whipped. Her breasts were cut and she was finally burned on burning coals.
3: Which evangelist was inspired by the angel?


4: Why is another of his symbol a purse?

AHe kept the thirty pieces of silver for which Judas Iscariote had betrayed Jesus

BHe had been a tax collector

CIt contained spines of the crown of Christ which caused miraculous cures

Rembrandt van Rijn (1661)
Oil on fabric. 96 X 81 cm.
Museum of the Louvre, Paris.

Albrecht Durer (1516)
Tempera. 46 X 37 cm.
Gallery of the Offices, Florence.

5: Who is this apostle, often represented with the bumblebee (large stick of a pilgrim) and a seashell?

BJames the Elder
CJames the Younger

Friar of  the Saint John the Evangilist.
After being tortured and  decapitated, his body was brought back in Galicia and then buried in a field.
A sanctuary  was built there, where his relics are preserved.

6: Where is this sanctuary?

Ain Compostelle
BIn Corogne
Cin Oporto

7: Who is this evangelist?


8: Why is his emblem  the bull or the ox?

ABecause of the twelve apostles, one identifies him with the zodiacal sign of the Bull.

BTo remember his past as an agricultor and peasant before meeting Jesus.

CHis Gospel starts with the narration of the sacrifice that Zacharius offered to the Temple

Franz Hals (about 1625)
Oil on fabric. 70 X 55 cm.
Museum of Western European and Eastern Art, Odessa.

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (1722)
Oil on fabric. 167 X 139 cm.
San Stae, Venice.

9: Which apostle was skinned with sharp  a knife?


10: And he was also...?

Acrucified upside down
Bcut out of piece which was thrown to the dogs
Cthrown in the sea from the top of a cliff

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