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Love story

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Q1 : Which black replaces ivory black which had become unavailable and which gives a blue-black powder?

a vine black
b ebony black 
c china black 

Q2 : Which name was given the the 1st half of the 19th century, according to the decors of grottoes and caves built since the Renaissance, especially  as an aspect of Louix XVth style?

a baroque
b roccoco
c rocaille

Q3 :which painter painted this painting?

a Fouquet
b Watteau
c Nicolas Fromont

Q4 : What is the name of fossil resin which you can make liquid?

a indigo
b amber
c cochenille

Q5 : What is called the "gold of painters"?

a oil
b amber
c ultra-marine blue

Q6 : What do you get by crushing lapis-lazzuli ?

a emerauld green
b ultra-marine blue
c sepia red

Q7 :What did the Romans use to get the color purple?

a Murex, marine snails.
b octapus
c poppy

Q8 : Who invented Ceruse white and Saturn red?

a Egyptians
b Phoenecians and Greeks
c the Gauls and the Goths

Q9 : From what extract were the Etruscans, Greeks, and Romans obtain sepia?

a reeds
b kangourou pouches
c cuttle fish (type of squid)

Q10 : Who painted this painting?

a Ingres
b Gustave Moreau
c Francois Boucher

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