To start a game, you must click on one of the buttons below

Each game takes you to different levels.
Each game has 4 questions.

If you answer 2-4 questions correctly you will receive a letter code to continue the game.

At the bottom of the page is a series of letters.

Click on the letter you are given to pass to the next level.

If you fail (not enough correct answers) you will be sent back to this page.

Bon jeu!!-Have fun!!

   jeu 1 - les dames (ladies)

   jeu 2 - les dames 2

   jeu 3 - les dames 3

   jeu 4 - portrait et autoportrait

   jeu 5 - les saltimbanques (clowns)

   jeu 6 - les anges (angels)

   jeu 7 - les arbres (trees)

   jeu 8 - les nues 1 (nudes)

   jeu 9 - les nues 2

   jeu 10 - les nues 3

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